The Withering Effect is a podcast all about Minecraft. Each week join content creators DuDs and Jimbo as they avoid the Wither to bring you the latest news, experiences, ideas and opinions on the world’s best-selling game. Whether you’re down the darkest mine or building your base to the sky, take us on your next Minecraft adventure.

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Latest Episodes

Episode 157: Enjoy Minecraft More… wIth Ice Cream!

In this episode, DuDs and Jimbo discuss the release of the Minecraft Legends Original Soundtrack on Spotify. The release of Nick’s Minecraft Ice cream in these four flavours: Enchanted Apple Pie, Cake Blocka, Peanot Choklad Glowdust, and Emerald Minta. Plus, We have a listener comments from Funkyllama asking do we think archaeology will come to the game in a future update, or will it be removed from the game entirely? You can also share your views on this in our Spotify poll. Also, in our main topic, DuDs and Jimbo give their views on an article from Minecraft.net based on a video from Dallasmed65 about how to enjoy Minecraft more.More

Episode 156: Will these be in the Mob Vote?

In this episode, DuDs and Jimbo discuss the changes to the Mob Vote during Minecraft Live 2022. Instead of voting on Twitter, Mojang will now allow you to vote on a special Bedrock server, the Minecraft launcher, or on Minecraft.net. The polls will open on October 14th, noon EDT, so you will have a full 24 hours to cast your vote before the event. Plus, We have three listener comments; the first is from FireFox54 asking which Minecraft mod would we like to see in the game. The second question is from JesseW about adding a new form of magic to the game besides enchanting and brewing. The third question is from Jronman about our predictions for Minecraft Live besides Minecraft 1.20. What will we see from Dungeons? Possibly Legends? Will we have any surprises? Also, in our main topic, DuDs and Jimbo share the mobs they would like to see added to Minecraft.More

Episode 155: The Deep Dark Experience

In this episode, DuDs and Jimbo discuss the announcement during Minecraft Now that Minecraft LIVE will be on October 15th 2022, with a focus on features that are far into their development cycle rather than in the early or concept stages. Hopefully, this will mean less disappointment for fans when things don’t end up in the final release and the opportunity for surprises during the snapshots and pre-releases. Plus, We have two listener comments; the first is from Warrior asking if 1.20 only added one block, what block would DuDs and Jimbo want (marble, steel, etc), and what functionality would it have? The second question is from Jestix about adding Lemons to Minecraft and using them as invisible ink. Also, We set out to improve the winner of Biome of the Week in this week’s Mending Minecraft, the result of our latest Spotify poll, and a little Bedrock news.More

Podcast Team


DuDs is the founder of the podcast, which came about during a live stream in early 2019. He has a background in architecture and likes to apply that to Minecraft by building in some interesting shapes and adding lots of detail, this can be seen in his Build series and Ripple Effect SMP videos on his YouTube channel. Recently he has also joined the Channel 64 Minecraft server. During the show, he always brings up interesting topics and outlooks on the game as well as ideas to improve the blocks, mobs, structures, items, and biomes.


Jimbo joined the show at the start of 2020 after a successful guest appearance towards the end of 2019. Every week he brings a mix of humour, personality and ideas to the show along with his all-important note. Before joining The Ripple Effect for Season 2 he was a member of the Kamicraft server with DuDs and DiiKoj, where he also made content. This season he’s embarking on a mega-base, which you can follow on his YouTube channel. Recently he has also joined the Channel 64 Minecraft server.


Carl has been playing Minecraft since 2015 and has been making content ever since, initially with a few short single-player series before joining Lake Laogai in 2017. More recently, he helped start The Ripple Effect SMP where he also makes content for his YouTube channel and streams on Twitch. When it comes to the podcast, he is responsible for editing, posting and marketing each episode, in addition to booking guests, running our Mending Minecraft vote, the Discord server, and our Patreon.


DiiKoj likes to combine two of his passions in life – Minecraft and Music. He has produced a range of amazing music for the podcast including the intro, outro, and interludes. He is a very talented musician both in and outside of the game and has over 16,000 views on his short note block cover of Lena Raine’s “Pigstep” music disc on his YouTube channel, where he also produces relaxed content from both his single-player world and The Ripple Effect SMP for his over 8,000 subscribers.

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Apple Podcast Reviews

Rating: 5 out of 5.


I have been listening for a while and love this podcast somehow every single episode is amazing and it helps me through my day you bring so much more information than any other podcasts or YouTube channel that I know of you guys are the best.

turtwig rocks | Apple Podcasts | 02/18/2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Best Minecraft podcast

I listen to spawn chunks and this. this one is good. I subscribed to you guys and everyone else on ripple you are awesome I’m going to summon the wither now. Ahhh

zllsmxbd | Apple Podcasts | 02/17/2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It’s nice to listen to

I really like to listen to this podcast. Sometimes when I’m bored, I just listen to this. I really like Block of the Week and the intro music. The intro music is short, not in your face, and recognizable. Keep up the good work!

EBprince | Apple Podcasts | 01/04/2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mine carts need an update

This is an awesome podcast Wednesdays are now one of the best days of the week 😃 plus I like the intro music it is catchy

lego mincraft | Apple Podcasts | 05/31/2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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If you like listening to podcasts and you love Minecraft, this is a show you should subscribe to. DuDs, Jimbo, Carl, and Diikoj have done a great job putting this together and really engage with the audience by answering questions and discussing the Block of the Week— voted for by listeners on their Discord!

RebelJC_92 | Apple Podcasts | 06/22/2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It’s nice to listen to

II really enjoy this Podcast great for the very beginners to the most advance. I listen while at work or driving around town. Great up to date Minecraft Info , and insight into the personalities of Minecraft Youtubers. I highly recommend this to anyone!!

Sandman500 | Apple Podcasts | 06/19/2019

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