Episode 162: The Self-Expression Update?

Episode 162: The Self-Expression Update? The Withering Effect – Minecraft Podcast


In this episode, DuDs and Jimbo discuss the new features and changes in Snapshot 22w43a, for Minecraft 1.19.3/1.20, these include tweaked Camel walk cycle animation and a colour change for its Spawn Egg. Fence Gates no longer provide centre support beneath them. The Chat Reporting screen now shows when the player being reported rejoined chat, and you can now save draft Player Reports. Plus, a range of changes to the Creative Inventory. We don’t have any listener comments this week, but you can send them in for future episodes via our Discord, Spotify Q&A, Anchor Voice Message, YouTube Comments, Twitter, or E-Mail. Also, DuDs and Jimbo discuss their current thoughts on where the update is now and what could be coming in the future.

Minecraft Java Snapshot 22w43a: https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-snapshot-22w43a

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This transcript was auto-generated by Descript and may not be accurate

DuDs: Hi Everyone, welcome to the Withering Effect, episode 1 62. Today’s date is Halloween, October 31st, 2022, and I am duds versus known to the rest of the innerwebs.

Jimbo: And I’m Jimbo. You may know me as Jimbo Slice 23. I forgot it was Halloween today. That’s strange. We’re doing a recording on Halloween.

DuDs: so if there is random doorbell rings in the background of my voice, you guys will know why

Jimbo: Yeah, we had our Halloween already and there was a ton of kids, so

DuDs: you had your Halloween

Jimbo: yes, I had mine.

DuDs: Yeah, mine is quite literally today and I don’t have my porch light on, but that’s not gonna stop. Kids. Last year they still rang the doorbell.

Jimbo: Yeah, you never know. Maybe someone will answer and give them something, even if it’s not candy.

DuDs: A good whacking Get off my lawn. Now, I’m not that mean, it’s just I don’t like dealing with strangers. Halloween is like the worst holiday. Halloween’s my favorite time of year, but my least favorite holiday. I don’t like scary things. I don’t like random strangers coming to my door. I don’t like Halloween parties.

Especially the more older I’ve become, the less like them. Like we had an office, Halloween party today. I literally walked in, grabbed a cookie and walked out

Jimbo: Huh.

DuDs: I’m gone. See ya. Like

Jimbo: We have a Halloween party every year at my house. It’s something my wife loves. She loves Halloween. She likes, dressing up in the whole, I don’t know. She loves scary movies. Everything you don’t like. She likes

DuDs: Yeah.

Jimbo: but,

DuDs: No.

Jimbo: Yeah, we do it every year. We have a, bunch of people come over.

It’s a, it is a good time. But yeah, I feel like we celebrate Halloween too much. There’s,

I don’t know. I feel like Halloween’s not the best holiday to go all out for, and we do, 

DuDs: yeah. The only thing I’ve got my eyes focused on is Thanksgiving, and not because of Thanksgiving itself, but because I have that whole week off work.

That’s gonna be nice.

Jimbo: I will be away on Thanksgiving. Yeah. They have a shutdown at a plant Right after Thanksgiving, I’ll be away for a week doing maintenance.

DuDs: I’ll have to get that scheduled out.

Jimbo: Yeah.

DuDs: That’ll probably be, I was say, that’ll probably be the last show of the year, cuz usually December’s when we take our break,

Jimbo: Yeah,

DuDs: gives Carl more than enough time to get caught up.

Jimbo: you haven’t done my job in the snow and I’m not looking forward to it, but

DuDs: As someone who had to do the warehouse job in a non-heated warehouse, let’s just say I’m glad I live in the South It does get below freezing here, like a lot of mornings I’ll wake up to 15 degrees, five degrees. It gets that cold here, but usually by the afternoon it’s forties and fifties, so it’s not too bad. Anyways. What have you been up to this week? Jbo 

Jimbo: Halloween.

DuDs: Halloween,

Jimbo: We did Halloween party. Like I said before it was a good time. I dressed up as a prisoner. My wife was a cop, and I tried to make this little thing for my costume to where I had like a ball and chain and I was gonna drag it around the whole party, like made a foam or plastic and it broke right before the party and kind of upset about that.

But yeah, I tried to super glue it with the plastic chain onto the foam ball and you can’t, yeah, you can’t super glue foam, so it ruined it right there. I’m like there goes that.

DuDs: Super Glue Works really good with two. I wanna say flat surfaces, but [00:04:00] it’s really any surface that pairs well. So if like you break a vase or something and you can put the broken parts together and there’s barely a seam, super glue will hold that seam really well. If it’s porous like foam, it’s not gonna hold at all

Jimbo: No.

DuDs: hot glue, what you want to use for that.


If you can get a lighter, you can burn it and melt it together.

Jimbo: yeah, that’s probably the way to go right there. But I played a little bit of Minecraft.

DuDs: Uhhuh, I saw you on.

Jimbo: yeah, I was on for a little bit. I did a little bit with my bass, but not much. I didn’t have too much time, but I don’t know, I’m just been out of it, have been as mo motivated to play lately, but, Hopefully soon that’ll change.

The update isn’t very big and it’s not as motivating, but

DuDs: Yeah, you’re not wrong

DuDs: I’ve lost some esteem too.

Jimbo: Yeah.

DuDs: I found this, I was sitting here this week basically, once I put my episode out. I didn’t get back on Minecraft till this weekend. And it is just one of those where I don’t know I don’t wanna say video performance is a reason, but like it is. And did to fire. Like when a video underperforms, it’s obviously not great, but at the same time, if you’re not feeling the creativity, you can’t lean on well, people like what you’re doing anyways, so keep going. So this week came down to what do I need to do in the base and what do I need to go for?

Like I knew I was building a ton of rooms in this space and I knew all those rooms had to be dug out, so I knew I’d probably need a lot of beacons. To get a lot of beacons, you need a lot of iron. So I was like it’s time to build an iron Farm. And then I remembered, My Ripple season three Iron Farm, constantly spawning cats in my base, which I absolutely hated.

So Ripple season four, I put the Iron Farm underground, but then I never saw the Iron Farm work, so I never knew if it was on or not. I just had to trust that it was working . So now I had to figure out a way to send the iron Goms up to surface level while the farm was down below so the cats wouldn’t spot

And it was just a, it’s a lot of tweaking and stuff and it’s a cool looking farm. I’m like combining parts of Tango’s latest Iron Farm to get it to work. I’ve had to change some stuff around, but it works. I just have to build it. And when you don’t have that motivation, like the last two days I’ve been fighting migraines of basically, I think we were messaging back and forth about recording yesterday and I was like, I’ve got a migraine.

So when you said you couldn’t, I was like, Oh, thank God.

Jimbo: Yeah, I got home late last night, like seven. It was around seven

Yeah, having to eat, shower, get cleaned up, probably wouldn’t record until eight 30 and had to work again today. I was like, there’s no way

DuDs: Yeah. I went to bed at nine 30 last night and

Jimbo: I probably went to bed around nine.

DuDs: Yeah,

Jimbo: We were getting old.

DuDs: I was asleep by nine o’clock and then I was up again at four cuz my migraine medicine ran out

Jimbo: Mid sleep.

DuDs: mid sleep. So I was up since four o’clock this morning dealing with it

Jimbo: Always felt the best medicine for that was sleep.

DuDs: you would think.

Jimbo: Maybe that’s hangovers. Maybe I’m thinking something else.

DuDs: Maybe I thought I was like dehydration or something. So I’ve been chugging water now I gotta pee all the time.

Oh yeah. So I’ve been doing an iron farm. It’s coming along. The farm itself is done.

Jimbo: No cats.

DuDs: I don’t know, it’s not activated yet. I’ve hidden the zombies so the villagers can’t see the zombies.

Jimbo: All right.

DuDs: But I need to do the water stream that forces the iron goms up. And it’s not as simple as just putting soul sand down because they can’t spawn in soul sand because technically soul sand’s not a full block.

Jimbo: Right?

DuDs: So I can’t do, I have to manufacture this thing and then I have to fill this tube that’s five by five and 63 blocks tall with solid water. So Arrington brought me a a conduit so I can work without drowning myself. I probably could have gotten away with a water breathing potion,

Jimbo: Yeah.

DuDs: but the conduit’s more fun.

Yeah, I’ve done

Jimbo: that up.

DuDs: to what?

Jimbo: Now you gotta set that up.

DuDs: Yeah, but I’ve got some pri rain I bought from Casey, and I can literally put the conduit just near where I’m working.

It doesn’t have to be in the tube with me. As long as it’s in water and I’m in water, it’ll work.

Jimbo: Okay.

DuDs: So that won’t be too bad. And then I’m working on a super secret project that may never see the light of day. I’ve talked to some of the Channel 64 guys. Basically, I want to do a storytelling episode that has nothing to do with any of the SSPs. That’s a standalone thing, and I’m writing a storyboard for it right now.

Will anything come from it? I don’t know it. It might not happen. It’s gonna take a lot of work. So if it happens, it’ll be once down the line. It’ll be, if I can get people to help build sets, people to voice lines, all that stuff, that’s another thing. But I don’t want to overhype in case it doesn’t come to fruition.

That’s the worst part,

Jimbo: [00:10:00] Yeah.

DuDs: But to help with creative block, I decided to try to do this. So we’ll see how it turns out.

Jimbo: doing something different breaks up the monotony a little bit.

DuDs: Exactly. So even if nothing comes from it, it may jumpstart my creativity in Channel 64 or my single player world or something.

Jimbo: Yeah. Yeah. No, that sounds fun.

DuDs: Should we move on to the news?

Jimbo: Yeah.

DuDs: So there’s a couple things we’re gonna start with. The one thing that, that’s gonna get very old for me very quickly, and that’s the changes to the creative inventory

Jimbo: Yeah,

DuDs: There’s a lot of them, a lot of little things moving certain blocks and plants and changing colors and changing icons.

Jimbo: I think there’s new categories.

DuDs: There’s some new categories. I’m not gonna read through the list. This, to me feels like an OR generation thing, and it [00:11:00] very

Jimbo: Oh, don’t say that.

DuDs: It very much drove me crazy by the fifth time I was reading it out. So I’m just gonna say there were changes to the creativity or creative inventory. I like what they’re doing to creative inventory.

It worries me though that’s the main thing that’s being worked on. At least the main thing we can see that’s being worked on. Obviously they’re working on other things,

Jimbo: Yeah, it was exciting to hear at Minecraft live that we were going to get, little bits of the update, week by week, maybe not every week, but maybe every other week, and just, see what’s coming to the game and to get inventory, for the creative venues. Ugh.

DuDs: It is a let down.

Jimbo: Yeah. I don’t expect anything big as of right now. This is pretty cool. I don’t know, I guess it’s a good start.

DuDs: let’s put it into perspective too. For the average mine com player or Minecraft player, this isn’t a big deal, but it’s nothing to get worked up about either. For someone who has to talk about Minecraft news every week it’s a, let’s[00:12:00] If I was just playing Minecraft, I’d be like, Oh, cool, moving on.

But as someone who has to talk about the news, it’s Okay,

Jimbo: Now. Now when you’re in the creative inventory dui,

Do you go through the tabs and scroll through the blocks you need or whatever you need? Or do you type it in? Cause I usually use the tabs and sometimes I do get confused and sometimes I’m scrolling and scrolling just to get to the block I want.

DuDs: If I can’t find it within a couple scrolls, I’m hitting search and typing it in.

Jimbo: Honestly, I think that’s what I do too. I do that quite a few times, like but this would be way quicker to just start typing it.

DuDs: So I always forget, glass blocks are in the blocks inventory, not in the decorative inventory. So most of the time I end up just searching.

Jimbo: Always start with blocks,

DuDs: Yeah.

Jimbo: unless I know it’s I don’t know the other one’s, Redstone or whatever.

DuDs: Yeah. I don’t

Jimbo: But then they’re like scattered, like you’ll have your oak stairs with the, in the stairs portion of the block’s inventory and

DuDs: I don’t even think it’s in the stairs. I think it’s by itself at least. OK. Is one of ’em is there’s a stair block that’s just like by itself.

Jimbo: Yeah.

DuDs: I don’t see, I don’t play in creative that much.

Jimbo: Me neither.

DuDs: Usually if I’m in there it’s testing Redstone, like doing the Iron Farm. I went ahead and built the farm in Creative World cause I needed to test getting the iron Goms to rise on this the spawning platform to go up through the water tube.

So I had to do some creative building there. And so I was mainly only ever in the Redstone tab or in the, just grabbing the ugliest block I could. So it stands out when I was building, but yeah.

Jimbo: I also I went back to the the snapshot, right?

We mentioned last show that I did it wrong. I was supposed to access the one 20

DuDs: data pack.

Jimbo: yeah, data pack. And it I couldn’t find it. It wasn’t there. So

DuDs: Did you create a new world?

Jimbo: I created a new world with the snapshot. I couldn’t find where it is. Maybe I’m doing something wrong again.

I didn’t wanna

DuDs: it’s when you’re creating your world that you have to turn that on.

Jimbo: when I’m creating it. Geez, Whe.

DuDs: When you’re doing your seed and everything.

Jimbo: Oh, okay. See, I was in the game and I was trying to,

DuDs: Oh yeah. No, you’re not gonna find it there.

Jimbo: Oh crap. I was saving that for the show, saying I can’t find it again.

DuDs: And see, that’s just it. You are not the only one that’s having this issue. There’s a couple people having this issue. And it’s obviously because the new way of doing things is so different from the old way

Jimbo: Right.

DuDs: that it’s taking a bit to get used to. I still like this way better.[00:15:00] giving the ability to turn features on and off.

The only thing I’m not a fan of is having to create a whole new world to do the features. Cause I was looking forward to doing the, my own survival with the one 20 features as an added bit. But now that I can’t do that and

Jimbo: Yeah. Yeah, I’m sure it’s, once you’ve done it once and you know how to access this, it’s not a big deal. But it’s just getting to do it. I don’t know, being confused about something new. No one’s ever done this to access this, so you don’t know where to start. If you listen to the show notes, maybe you’ll know

DuDs: Yeah. When you’re creating a new world, there’s a button that I believe says data packs and the experimental. One 20 features is on there and bundles, I don’t know if they call it one 20 or if they call it one 19.3 cuz again, I haven’t accessed this. I generally try to save until the update’s fully released.

Jimbo: Yeah, I don’t know. I think it’s one 19 point.

DuDs: I, we,

Jimbo: hit the data back.

DuDs: yeah, we need to see more. But yeah. Some other changes were they changed the colors of the camel spawn egg. They changed the camel walk animation. There’s some okay. They’re not big changes. Fins skates no longer provide center support beneath them. I don’t know what this is At first I was thinking that meant path blocks could be path blocks underneath Fins gate. But I’m not seeing a single person talk about this.

Jimbo: Yeah. I didn’t know this was a thing.

DuDs: Yeah. I don’t know what it is. This is

Jimbo: When you place a fence gate, normally there ha doesn’t have to be a block underneath. 

DuDs: Yeah, but when you

Jimbo: That’s the first thing I

DuDs: if you place a Fins gate and there’s a path block underneath it, it turns it to a dirt block.

Jimbo: right?

DuDs: And so I was thinking maybe now a path block stays as a path block. You won’t have to deal with this anymore. But

Jimbo: that’d be cool.

DuDs: no one covering the snapshot has taught, talked about that. So I don’t know if it’s as.

Cool as I’m thinking it is or it’s just kind a thing. know.

Jimbo: Yeah. I’m not sure.

DuDs: We got more chat reporting news. The chat reporting

Jimbo: of or generation.

DuDs: The chat reporting screen now shows when player being reported rejoining chat. I think I copied that wrong. And more changes to the creativity. We already talked about that. Added draft player reports. I guess if you’re starting to basically report a player but you don’t send it, you can save it to your drafts, which if you’re familiar sending emails basically the same thing.

Jimbo: Did we get the new skins?

DuDs: Yes, we had the new skins come out last episode.

Jimbo: okay?

DuDs: Because I was talking about how I was worried that, or not worried I was griping that the skins were taking so long to come out, but then they came out immediately. So I was like, okay, no longer gripe. That’s a good job, Gigi.

Jimbo: Yeah. Yeah. I was always curious if that was part of the update or if that was just something they were gonna give us

DuDs: I think it was just getting all the different versions of the game available to the skins because the way they made it sound that they made it sound like it, they weren’t done designing the skins even though they showed off every skin already in the trailer . So I was like, why is it taking so long?

There’s the skins right there. And I’m pretty sure it was just getting it ready for every version cuz it came out like within three days.

Jimbo: More ones and zeros, types of type of deal stuff we would never understand.

DuDs: We do not have any listener comments this week. This is [00:19:00] actually one of the first times in months that we haven’t really had any

Jimbo: You would think after the update it wouldn’t be so slow, 

DuDs: one. I think that ties into, it’s a very small update cuz we’re getting smaller updates now, so there’s not a lot to talk about. We talked about everything when they first released and what’s the big change this week? Creative inventory. Not a lot of excitement about that. There is some, don’t get me wrong, but again, the average player is not going Yay. which is what we are. I’m constantly putting ourselves in me, you in the general average player type

Jimbo: Yeah.

DuDs: we’re not doing this professionally. We’re not making content professionally. We’re doing this out of our spare. We’re literally coming off work, eating, dinner, taking a shower, recording, and then going to bed.

Jimbo: And I see my kids starting to get more and more into it. think it was, I think it was last week. Not sure if I mentioned this, they were, they’re playing together on the Xbox and they never do this, the older one gets control of the Xbox and doesn’t give it up, but, he, him my 10 year old and seven year old have been playing together and they come in the other day after like days of playing, it’s Dad, we’re going to the nether.

We’re gonna do it tomorrow. We’re gonna go in the net. We got a portal built. And I, it was exciting to hear because I remember the first time I made my portal and I was going into the nether though. I had YouTube and stuff to tell, to show me how to do it, And I’m sure they picked it up off somewhere to find their way to the nether.

But the. They played all the time and creative and survival was too difficult and now they’re on their way to the nether. Was really cool to see. Actually, I haven’t heard much about it. I need to ask them it went. They probably were like, they went in, died and they gave up. Rage quit.

That’s what I can see. That’s what I imagine,

DuDs: Yeah I’m trying to run back to the first time I went through another, and it is a jolting experience. I can only imagine what someone walking into the new another. Experiences, especially if you’re in the Crimson Forest biome,

Jimbo: Yeah.

DuDs: there’s death all around the corner there.

Jimbo: the basalt. Deltas

DuDs: Yeah.

Jimbo: Yeah, I’m curious. I’ll have to get back to you guys about that, how their nether adventure went.

DuDs: Let us know.

Should we move on to the mending Minecraft vote?

Jimbo: Yeah, we can do that.

DuDs: All right. Like always, our Menning Minecraft vote is on our discord, and this week we asked you to choose between one of three items for us to discuss and improve your choices. Were ho Book and Quill, or Total of un Dying.

Jimbo: And the winner of Mending Minecraft this week is Book and Quill with 27 votes book, and Quill has won over the. Ho and totem of undying. The ho had nine. Totem of undying is 12. I have a hard time saying totem of undying sometimes. I don’t know why. Always slur them together.

DuDs: I, when I saw what won, I go, It’s a book and Quill, what else do you want it to do? And then I realize it was against a hoe, which has got a ton of changes lately. I shouldn’t say a ton of changes, has got a ton of blocks to mine lately. And then you have a total of undying, which does exactly what it says it’s gonna do.

Jimbo: Yeah.

DuDs: So really it wasn’t like there was a real good pick this week.

Jimbo: Yeah. It’s obvious.

DuDs: Yeah,

Jimbo: Anyways, a few things on the Book and Quill a Book and Quill is an item used to write written books. It can be crafted with a book Inac and a feather. Expert level librarian. Villagers have 50% chance to buy two books and book two book and quills for one emerald. By pressing. Also, I think on bedrock you can buy book and Quill for one Emerald.

Don’t have that on here, but I think I remember seeing

DuDs: think I remember seeing that too.

Jimbo: Yeah, by pressing use item. While holding a book and quill in their hand, the player can open a text generator or text editor dui. Using this dui, the player can write a single book up to 100. That’s in Java and 50 in Bedrock pages long with up to 798 characters per page.

Once you finish writing in a book and Quill, you can then sign it and it will become a written book. After that, it can no longer be edited. Again, the title of the book can be up to 16 characters long and the player cannot paste into the title. A workaround for the 16 character limitation is to manually rename the book at an anvil which allows, which always costs one experience level.

DuDs: I did not know that.

Jimbo: Yeah, I didn’t know that either. Thought that’d be fun to share.

DuDs: Cool.

Jimbo: , We’ll learn something.

DuDs: Let’s go with my first fix. It’s not in my first, but anyways, I would like to be able to lock the book so other people can’t write in it, but you can write in it

Jimbo: Okay.

DuDs: you don’t have to sign the book. Cause once you sign the book, you’re done. There’s no fixing it.

But I like the

Jimbo: something you forgot.

DuDs: Yeah. I like the idea of a personal journal. So having a booking quote that’s locked to everyone else. But you, maybe you could also place [00:25:00] screenshots in your journal. Maybe you can attach a compass to it as a new way to navigate without using the F three screen. Could be idea. How great would it be to open a. have the compass on the left hand page and a list of locations with coordinates on the right screen or on the right page.

Jimbo: that’d be cool.

DuDs: Yeah, maybe the compass can have coordinates built into the design at that point. So not only does it tell you the direction to go, but it also tells you where you are.


Jimbo: Yeah,

DuDs: Another thing is you should be able to dye books different colors.

Jimbo: I like that.

DuDs: So it’d be like a sulker box. All my Redstone sulker boxes are red. Anything that has valuables or blue building stuff’s usually purple or something like that. So if I have a book for a certain thing, allow me to diet. I. Books aren’t I shouldn’t say books, Book and Quil’ls aren’t stackable anyways.

Jimbo: Right.

DuDs: So changing its color isn’t gonna change. Its stacking properties. It’s not like you’re gonna have 16 unstackable items now, or whatever, 16


Jimbo: I think when it’s a written book, when it’s signed, you can stack it,

DuDs: yes.

Jimbo: can make copies.

Wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t that be where you get your color then again? It’s got that enchanted look, doesn’t it?

Written book,

DuDs: Yeah. Written books. Have the enchanted look. I

Jimbo: I’d rather it be colored than echa.

DuDs: Yeah. I’d rather it be colored than glowing.

Jimbo: Like what would make it enchanted if you sign it anyway? I don’t get it.

DuDs: Right?

Jimbo: Yeah. Cuz as of right now, book all book and quills and written books, they all look the same.

Nice to identify ’em without looking at the title or who’s written it.

I guess. In Bedrock, when you sign it, you can manually put your name in or whoever’s name.

DuDs: Really?

Jimbo: Yeah. That’s in Bedrock. It doesn’t sign the name of the person who’s written in it. It lets you edit the author.

DuDs: Frank’s a plenty with that feature.

Jimbo: That’s the first thing I was thinking, Man, you can really set somebody up, blackmail.

DuDs: Yep.

Jimbo: The first thing I go to is blackmail. Geez, what’s wrong with me?

DuDs: We can tell what kind of player Jimbo is.

Jimbo: . got away with it too.

DuDs: Yeah, I, The booking quill is a good item in the game that has very limited uses. So going with the current idea of expression, which is what we’re being told this update’s about, it would make sense to be able to have a [00:28:00] personal journal of sorts to constantly carry with you.

Jimbo: I guess it does work with the lectern. Yeah, the lectern. Also, you could place on lectern and edit there.

DuDs: can you actually edit on lectern? I don’t think you can. I think you can just read on lectern.

Jimbo: All you might be Right. I don’t know. I know it’s, you can use it with the Lecter doesn’t have to be written, but you can actually place.

DuDs: Yeah. See, I just did this week for my episode and I can’t remember how I did it. I know I did not write it on the lectern.

Jimbo: Yeah. I have a book and Quill ready to write something in there that leads to my next episode, but I don’t know what to write. I have to write that.

DuDs: It was very

Jimbo: of my next things.

DuDs: It was very hard for me to come up with stuff too. Cause I’m trying to add lore into my episode and stuff. And I’m like, How can I add lo. that I can [00:29:00] base an entire season on.

Jimbo: Yeah, I’m not the best writer. I don’t know, to make Laura out. There’s a character that has to write this. It’s not me, myself, I’m, this is a book I found, so I need to make it sound like some something or someone else has written in this book and I have to word it differently, so that’s what I’m up against.

That and eight other things at this point,

I’m not sure. I don’t think we have anything in the Discord about the book and Quill.

DuDs: No, it’s been all quiet on the western front here lately.

Jimbo: Yeah. Normally people would give their insight on how to mend these things.

DuDs: Yeah, and this is where I don’t want to sound negative on the update cause I’m liking where the update’s going, but with such little stuff shown, I don’t think the hype’s there, I think the hype has already waned and people aren’t very interested.

Jimbo: Yeah. The fact that there’s just a handful of things, and if you take out the mob vote in the skins, there’s only a few, it’s

DuDs: Right.

Jimbo: pretty small as of right now.

DuDs: And some of these items are stuff mo players have been playing with for years. So like the hanging signs, the bamboo wood model players have had several different new wood types for years. The one thing is I saw a ton of people agreeing that signs should have words on front and back, but I haven’t heard any talk about that, so it’s one of the big things I’m looking out for.

Jimbo: Yeah.

DuDs: I don’t think there’s gonna be an easy way to implement that too. I know players are like I just click on one side and walk around to the other side, click on the other side. But that’s not how sign DUI works. It’s when you place it is when you have to write on it. So my only thought is when you place it, instead of seeing the one sign you’re gonna write on, you’re gonna see two signs. and that’s how you would write it. So each sign would be facing Yeah, a different way. And you’re just gonna have to memorize, this is a sign I’m facing. Maybe that’s it. Maybe the top sign is always the sign you are facing. And the bottom side is the backside.

Jimbo: You think of anything else to add some kind of

DuDs: No, I think we’ve maxed out the book and quote host as much as possible. This will be a shorter. There’s just not a lot going on this week.

Jimbo: I noticed we saved the ad

DuDs: Yes,

Jimbo: skipped it or 

DuDs: we’ve skipped the Discord ad because the script does not allow me to I, I can’t think tonight.

Jimbo: Yeah. I was waiting for the ad.

DuDs: Yeah. No. Ad we’ve skipped it tonight.

Jimbo: It’s too late. Can’t do it.

DuDs: My brain’s not functioning. I was telling Jimbo we’re recording this on a Monday night. I can’t do, I can’t do recordings after work anymore. I’m just so fried all the time and with my head killing me. This has been a rough recording.

Jimbo: Yeah, Sundays. Sundays would be after work for me. It’s, Sundays are slower at work though. This Sunday we got

DuDs: we also said we were gonna record on Saturday nights, but we have not recorded on a Saturday night since we said we’re gonna record on a Saturday.

Jimbo: Yeah, we might have done like one,

DuDs: Yeah,

Jimbo: I think

DuDs: I’m usually free. It’s very rare that I have a Saturday night where I’m not free.

Jimbo: See Saturdays are like my only day off and usually we’ll go out to eat or go do something, so it’s like my only free. Doing the podcast and my wife would like to go out and do something. So normally, be like, Oh, I’m out to dinner, or Oh, I’m doing this at the in-laws.

It always, makes us reschedule usually.

DuDs: We can talk more scheduling in the post show

Jimbo: Right.

DuDs: of you guys suggested that you would like to hear behind the scene stuff for the post show instead of us coming up with another topic. So we’ll do some of that.

Jimbo: Yeah. We can do that.

DuDs: But main topic we needed to think. Three things that we thought could come with this update.

Now I’m seeing one of your things as something I’ve already mentioned in my conspiracy theory,

Jimbo: Okay. Yeah, I think I know which one.

DuDs: And then one of your thing actually works really well with my number three thing.

Jimbo: Yep, I see that. I was like, Oh, he didn’t say this. So

DuDs: . And here’s the best part. I had something different there. My number three was very close to your number three this morning. And then while I was at work, I went, You know what? This might actually work better.

Jimbo: yeah, my number three was I don’t want to put this as my number three, but could go there, but I couldn’t really think of much else because there’s, It’d be a lot easier. Okay. We can do that. My number three is bundles.

DuDs: which are in the update.

Jimbo: Yeah. They’re giving it to us with the snapshot and all the other one 20 stuff.

So I feel like. They are trying to get this thing right. We do have an inventory issue. Everyone mentions it. This could help out a little bit. It’s not a big, what is it a big, what is a word I’m thinking of? I

DuDs: no clue what you’re trying

Jimbo: big fix. I don’t know. I was thinking of a bigger word. I guess it’s a, it’s not a big fix

DuDs: it, yeah.

Jimbo: the bundles to help inventory, but it does help with small things.

But yeah, this is one of those things where I, it’s given it to us. I didn’t wanna put it in here as one of the guesses of what’s coming [00:35:00] because they give it to us. But I couldn’t really think of anything else because there’s not really much of a theme as of right now. I can only go off of what we got so far, and there’s only a few things to go off of.

DuDs: yeah, and my number, Let’s just say my honorably mention honorable mention, there we go. Was backpacks.

Jimbo: Okay.

DuDs: I thought backpacks could work. Again, I’m going off of a King BDOs tweet where he said the theme of this update is expression, Self-expression. Myself wants a backpack. I Customizing a player’s backpack is just like customizing a player’s lights or wings is just like customizing. types. So to me it goes hand in hand. Get there’s some DUI that needs to be worked out and how you would access a backpack. And what would make it different from a choker box? Honestly, I’m to the point where give me a choker box. I then have [00:36:00] to wrap that choker box in leather and I wear it like a backpack. To me, that, that would work out perfectly cuz it’s still an end game item. You have to go get a shoulder box to get a backpack. It works out pretty well. But yeah, I’ll go with one of my least hot take items. I guess I’m, see I’m mixing words up too I’m very much.

Jimbo: can’t think of them.

DuDs: Yeah, my head’s pounding and my pain medicine’s worn out, so I need to take some as soon as we’re done. But my number two was a new banner pattern. We started to get some good banner patterns and then we didn’t get any with the last update. I’m not sure why not. I don’t think we did. The last one I think we got was caves and cliffs, and it was the earth’s, the Cubed Earth banner pattern.

Jimbo: Was that the last I know. You know we got the snout pattern.

DuDs: , That was another.

Jimbo: yeah. Okay. We get That’s when it came.

Was it cave necklaces. Okay. Always felt like it’s something you had to find. That’s something you can get from trading, right?

DuDs: No, you gotta find these.

Jimbo: I’ve got the earth pattern from trading,

DuDs: What? I didn’t think you

Jimbo: I’m pretty sure.

DuDs: enough, it says every every pattern is renewable, but snout, which is obviously another update, so you’re right.

Jimbo: Yeah, you can. When I was trading with, I can’t remember who it was, Fletcher maybe? No, it couldn’t have been the Fletcher. The loom. The loom villager. What’s that villager called? Can’t think of it.

DuDs: Oh my God, why would you do this? We’re having so many troubles with words, and now you’re wanting me to think of a

Jimbo: I don’t know. Oh my goodness. We’re supposed to be covering Minecraft and we don’t even know it.

DuDs: no

Jimbo: I knew the pattern thing though.

DuDs: this has gone horribly wrong.

Jimbo: Yeah. But when I was trading it, it was one of the last trades. It’s like expert level,

DuDs: Yeah 

Jimbo: trade.

DuDs: level eight,

Jimbo: Yeah. But yeah, I got the globe pattern. I was like, Oh, cool.

DuDs: I did not know

Jimbo: this pattern. 

DuDs: Know you could trade for it till now. That’s awesome.

Jimbo: I was just thinking if there was a pattern that you can find exclusively like the snout that was given into us, and I couldn’t think of anything besides.

DuDs: Yeah. I’m trying to see when the last one we got, Oh, the Globe came in one 14 with the village or that makes sense. Village and pillage. So the snout is the last one we got. Why do I think we got a banner pattern in caves and cliffs? Man, I am. I am all over the place tonight.

Jimbo: You’ve got discs you can find, but not patterns, which is a good reason to get more patterns.

DuDs: exactly.

Jimbo: It’s been a while. That was one 16, right? With the snout? Yeah. It’s been a while.

DuDs: Yeah. I’d like to see some more pattern patterns. What about you? What’s your next one?

Jimbo: My next one here is a desert. Now, I know I talk a lot about updating biomes. When I think about the overworld, that’s where I go. I like the scenery. I like exploring and traveling and when you go to the desert, it is dull. And now that we got camels, I feel like it’s a good opportunity to update this bio.

And we had, what was it, a bio vote a long time ago. I think we were gonna get palm trees and mirror cats

With the desert upgrade. I think that’s it. Was there a different cactus,

DuDs: flowering cactus.

Jimbo: flowering cactus? I’m not sure if that came with the desert or Savannah or bad lands or

DuDs: Savannah came with tumble weeds, I think.

Jimbo: yeah. And the baab. Trees. Yeah, that’s a fun thing to say.

DuDs: really want beba trees. I think they look so good.

Jimbo: Me too. Yeah I would take the baab trees over a desert upgrade, even though the desert is plain.

DuDs: Yeah.

Jimbo: yeah, there’s a cool, with palm trees comes another wood type, and they just gave us bamboo, so wouldn’t get too, I’m not too sure that we’re gonna get a desert upgrade.

It’s just, like I said, I don’t see much of a theme, we’re getting camels as of right now. I see some kind of traveling theme. But you mentioned there’s a, there was a theme, what was it called? Express yourself? Yes.

DuDs: That’s not exactly word for word what was said, but we talked about this weeks ago

Jimbo: Yeah, I remember now You mentioning that it wasn’t a tweet.

DuDs: and we’ll obviously need more items to come out, whether it be bio update, or physical inventory update. Maybe it is another tree update. We need more before we can really start jumping into it. But I can’t disagree with a desert update. The camel of tends to push to that. And like you said, we have a bio vote in the weight with the desert. So it would make sense to especially, cause I don’t think deserts need to be improved a ton. Just a couple little things like adding an oasis biome alone would probably be enough to upgrade the desert cuz like you said, you’re adding a tree. You could probably make the biome have a random small body of water, some random path blocking around it.

And the palm tree, you’d probably be five. [00:42:00] There’s not a lot to the desert.

Jimbo: Yeah, I feel like if you’re gonna add palm trees to the desert, you, they would need to be added to beaches as well. There’s a bunch of beaches s and that’s where you find them most of the time.

DuDs: Yeah, but beaches got updated. Last update.

Jimbo: Yeah. But they’re I don’t know.

DuDs: maybe, I don’t know how hard it would be to add trees to a bio.

Jimbo: That’s the only thing I’m saying, just add ’em there because if they’re gonna be in the desert,

I don’t, Are there many palm trees in deserts?

DuDs: No. That’s why I specifically said the Oasis bio. So you’d have a desert oasis

Jimbo: that’s where

DuDs: where you would have palm trees.

Jimbo: Okay. Yeah, that would make sense. The mirror cats, I’m not too sure what they do. Can’t really remember what it is.

DuDs: I don’t think they told

Jimbo: They were, Yeah, I don’t think they mentioned much, but yeah, that’s what we were expecting with the Desert Update or Des Desert upgrade.

DuDs: My next item is new chess. It really does sound like I’m hammering home the inventory thing, but I promise this obviously new kinds of chess are not gonna improve inventory, and I’m totally basing this off of concept art Uhhuh that we got from the deep dark where they had drawn stone chests. So the idea of having different kinds of chest are obviously there, especially when you add barrels and shoulder boxes to the mix.

So maybe new wood type chests would be a thing.

Jimbo: Yeah,

DuDs: I don’t know how you would deal with the old chest. because it’s obviously it’s, yeah, it’s its own thing, and it’s a mix of woods. I always am just using whatever woods in my inventory to craft a chest. Chess are always trash wood to me. I’ll usually just go grow a jungle tree or giant spruce, chop it down, and then that’s my trash wood. Obviously now Bamboo is gonna take that role, but I’m thinking we could get different kinds of chess for different kinds of woods, and that would be another good way to express yourself with your storage.

Jimbo: Yeah.

DuDs: I

Jimbo: was one of the things I was thinking of when we came up with this topic, and I saw it on your side of the show notes. I’m like, Crap. He got the new chest down there. I can’t believe that was like one of your first things you put Yeah, I saw it on Twitter people. Someone shared a concept art of different looking chess with the wood type.

Yeah. And I was like, Man,

DuDs: this too.

Jimbo: Yeah. And I was like, Man, this would be. Something they could add here because of the whole, the new signs, the express yourself. There’s not much of a theme though, it was put out there, but this could go with the update and I’m like, maybe they’re onto something with the new chest.

DuDs: . I think the hardest part is cuz we have the new mechanic for how you attach chess together. Because you could obviously rotate ’em now and putting them side by side. That was a big thing for Java players for the longest time, was you couldn’t put chess next to each other. They’d always try to connect or they’d fight each other, and so you’d always have to do a chess trap, chest chess, trap chest, all the way around. Now that’s not a thing. But having different kinds of chess means when you’re doing double chest near each other, that might be another bit of a hassle, but it’s something I would love to see having different kinds of chest. And please let the spruce would be a pirate treasure chest looking thing.

That would be amazing. It can still be square and rectangled, but pirate shaped would be That’s all I want.

Jimbo: Yeah. Now the only thing I could see that’s hurting is your ability to make a chest. Like usually you can use different types of wood to make any ch, make that one chest any type. You can use all the wood types and combine them to make that one chest. But yeah, it would just make more sense to make the chest that type of wood, just.

You’re gonna put a warped wood chest together and it looked like an oak chest. That doesn’t, does not compute.

DuDs: yeah. Chess are such a big detailed block in Minecraft. Chess barrels, if you talk to chess, even Shulker boxes, the guy builds with Shulker boxes as blocks, guys,

So having different kinds is a huge upgrade, even if it does make life a little bit harder I would take it.

Jimbo: I wouldn’t mind if the trap chest stayed that, that kind of chest, because to make all the wood types into their own trap chest too,

DuDs: But then it wouldn’t be a trapped chest, it would be a Redstone signaled chest.

Jimbo: Yeah, it would be. Yeah. Dead giveaway

DuDs: Yeah.

Jimbo: could trap anyone.

DuDs: So there’s some unforeseen circumstances, but

Jimbo: So my last,


DuDs: gonna let you, you say what yours is and then I’m gonna say what mine is and then we can talk about ’em.

Jimbo: Okay. I have custom shields.

DuDs: And I have different weapon types.

Jimbo: , they go hand in hand.

Yeah. I’ve been asking for different types of shields. We have one shield, one way to make it, and it does the same thing. It’d be cool to have different looks and different types of shields.

DuDs: Yep. Could you imagine an iron shield that comes with knock back built into it because it’s entirely ironed?

Jimbo: Yeah.

DuDs: That’d be, that’d be really cool. Maybe maybe a normal shield cuz they’ve done some tweaks to shields and what shields can block explosion wise. What if only another right shield can stop All explosions? All explosions

Jimbo: Yeah. Any explosion? Yeah.

DuDs: in explosion? Yes. Maybe a wood type. I don’t the durability isn’t as stronger. Something, I don’t know. I like shields in Minecraft, but they’re very

Jimbo: the wood one. Yeah,

DuDs: Yeah, that could

Jimbo: was just thinking outside the box a little,

DuDs: I’m,

Jimbo: be cool if you can, and putting champs on em. also, maybe there’s some custom enchantments just for the shield. I think it’d be nice.

DuDs: Yeah. And for me, different weapon types. The latest couple weapons we’ve gotten are just huge disappointments. We got the crossbow. No one uses a crossbow compared to a normal boat. It’s useless. We have the trident. If you’re not fighting drown or guardians underwater, it’s pretty useless though.

Channeling trident with getting mob heads with the charge creepers is very useful.

Jimbo: Riptide can be fun.

DuDs: Riptides fun. I wouldn’t necessarily call it. It comes in handy. It can be fun if it’s raining, it’s useful, but it does rain a lot nowadays. What am I saying? So

Jimbo: It’s if you’re, if it’s raining or

DuDs: wait, is that why it’s raining so much? Is cuz Mojang wanted us to use Riptide more.

Jimbo: That could, You could be onto something there.

DuDs: I don’t wanna be, but

Jimbo: It could be a thing that we . As of right now, we live in a desert. I do.

DuDs: Yeah. You’re one of the only ones still living in a . 

Jimbo: I’m like the only one there. Hello?

DuDs: We’ve got new players on the server and one of them’s already moved out of the desert before Jimbo.

Jimbo: I didn’t know that.

DuDs: Yeah. Snow has moved out.

Jimbo: Are we moving out?

DuDs: But yeah, having a staff, having a crossbow that’s actually functional would be nice. Basically, I like the idea of staffs. I liked the idea of tridents having a ranged weapon. That’s not a bow and arrow is a very cool idea to me. Especially if you’re just stabbing, you’re not necessarily throwing, I like those ideas, but the hip power and the amount of hearts it takes is just too low. I’m trying to think back when we’ve had any kind of changes since one nine. That’s, a lot of people have stopped using swords and they’ve gone to axe because if you do it right, you can one hit a couple mobs.

I feel a crossbow should one hit mobs.

Jimbo: I don’t make a sword until I get diamonds because an ax does everything I need.

Gonna get much.

DuDs: I’m still using an iron sword.

Jimbo: but it’s got Enchantments.

DuDs: Yeah, it’s fully enchanted. But those enchantments were, I got lucky on a couple and then I combined it with another iron sword that I had found, and it just worked out to be a really good iron sword. But like you said, I have a diamond A that hits just as hard, so if I don’t need sweeping edge, I just switch to the acts and kill something.

Jimbo: Yep. Yeah. Sweeping edge is like the only thing that is a step up from the ax. There’s other enchantments too that help,

That, especially looting. Lootings a big one.

DuDs: Yes, looting, big

Jimbo: Looting. Big

don’t know why you sound like a caveman there, but you

DuDs: It’s probably cuz the longer we record, the more stopped up. My nose always gets, This happens. Every recording, I’ll be fine. I’m hitting my nose with nose spray before the recording and an hour in my nose is already starting to stop up. I don’t know why it always does that, but It does.

Yeah. That’s all I got, man.

Jimbo: Yeah, same here. We’d like to hear what you guys think is coming to the game. Let us know in the discord.

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Thank you so much for getting withered with us. You should probably go drink some milk now.

Jimbo: See you guys

Episode 162