Episode 159: Discussing the mobs of Minecraft Legends

Episode 159: Discussing the mobs of Minecraft Legends The Withering Effect – Minecraft Podcast


In this episode, DuDs and Jimbo discuss the Minecraft Legends video taking a look at the Vanilla mobs and new mobs coming to Legends, and we have a cryptic tweet from Minecraft Dungeons. Plus, We have three listener comments; the first is from Diveclops23 asking what we think about Mojang going back to more surprises in the snapshots and less being shown at Minecraft Live. The second is from awesam2399 asking about a way to balance the new soundtrack with the classic nostalgic tracks in the game. The final one is from Kaitlyn asking what special abilities would we like to see when wearing a full set of armor (let us know your ideas in the Spotify Q&A or on Discord). Also, this weekend is Minecraft Live and we’re going to Cubed! 2022. Get your FREE ticket and come along to visit booths (including ours), play games, and much more. Don’t forget to watch the LIVE episode on our YouTube channel this Saturday at 4 pm EDT LIVE from the Outdoor Stage at CubedCon!

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Minecraft Legends: Classic Mobs and New Friends: https://youtu.be/cxPfsAEfMmA

Minecraft Dungeons Tweet: https://twitter.com/dungeonsgame/status/1575938561324748801?s=20

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